Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SEA) AOA Aircraft Repositioning_Training Scenarios

Developed with Unity


These videos are screen captures of a student practicing interactive training scenarios for SEA. Multiple scenarios were developed as part of a multi faceted training program consisting of eLearning modules and interactive VR simulations for SEA. Students are challenged to find the correct route using radio communications and interactive selections at key decision points to reposition an aircraft at Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA). All visuals and animations for both eLearning and VR Simulations were developed with Unity using virtual production techniques widely used in the motion picture industry.



SCENARIO TWO - Daytime- Tow from
GATE N12 to Cargo 7

586.3 MB MPEG

SCENARIO ONE - Daytime- Tow from

Hardstand 7 to Cargo 5

847.6 MB MPEG

SCENARIO TWO - Nighttime- Tow from
GATE N12 to Cargo 7

685.8 MB MPEG

SCENARIO TWO - Nighttime Low Visibility
Tow from GATE N12 to Cargo 7

461.2 MB MPEG

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